How Much Do Residential Solar Panels Cost…

…And How Do Residential Solar Panels Work?

Congratulations, you’ve landed here, either because you want to help the planet by reducing your carbon footprint or you want to save money on your exorbitant electricity tariffs… or maybe a bit of both.

Well I’m pleased to inform you that you’re at the right place. I started out learning about and harnessing solar power last year and it’s become such a fantastic money saving hobby, that I wanted to share some methods that will certainly make a huge difference to your lifestyle and pocket. So let’s start with the basic Q & A’s

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What is solar energy?
The simple answer is – solar power is energy that comes from the sun.

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Whether we use it or not, the sun’s energy hits the Earth every day. While only a tiny percentage of the energy that the Sun emits every day comes to this planet, it is still believed
that the sunlight we do receive is sufficient to generate enough electric power for every person on the planet several thousand times over.

When you think about it, it is logical that the power of the sun should be usable. After all, the sun provides both heat and light to us every day, and what are heat and light if not energy?

In the past, however, while people clearly understood the concept of the Sun generating power, there was little they could do about it, because the technology did not exist to collect that power and channel it in such a way that it became useful and usable.

The story is very different nowadays, hence our ability to harness solar power and turn it into usable electricity.

What are the advantages of solar power?

  • Unlike the fossil fuels that we currently used to generate electricity, the power of the sun is virtually inexhaustible.
  • Solar power is free, as no-one has managed to come up with a workable strategy for charging people for sunlight (yet!).
  • Solar power is clean and pollutant free. Unlike oil powered electricity production plants, solar power does not belch noxious fumes into the air, nor is it anywhere near as intrinsically dangerous as nuclear powered electricity generation
  • In remote areas where providing mains electricity can be problematical, solar power can provide the ideal solution.

From even such a brief summary of the benefits of solar power, it should be clear that there are no significant downsides to generating electricity using the power of the sun.

Not so long ago, the primary problem with using solar power to generate electricity has always been that the technology for collecting energy from the sun was just not efficient.

It used to be that you needed a solar panel that covered the whole of the roof of your house in order to power an electric radio! Athough we have moved on considerably since those times, there is still a great deal of work to do before our ability to collect solar power matches our ambitions.

Having said all that, it is perfectly feasible for you to install a solar power system of sufficient size and strength to provide a significant proportion or perhaps all of the domestic electricity that you use.

How do we collect solar power?

Solar energy is collected using solar panels, which are nothing more than boards on which has been mounted a number of individual crystalline silicone solar cells. These cells are also known as photoelectric cells (PE) or photovoltaic cells (PV). By combining a number of these individual cells together in an ‘array’ of cells on the board, you create a solar or photovoltaic panel and start to harness the power of the sun’s energy.


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I want to give you plenty of tips and suggestions throughout this site, which you’ll find easily enough by clicking on the posts and categories on the right.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

You can get solar panels wholesale, or you can get contractors to install them. But if you’re like me, then before you start laying out your hard earned money, you want to try the cheapest and best ways on how to build homemade solar panels, or homemade solar water heaters. Well you can create a home solar panel system for less than $200, which will very shortly pay for itself,probably in a couple of months, in saved utility bills.

So I did a lot of research and got hold of a huge amount of instructional books and videos. To save you the time and hassle, I have whittled down my library and I’m very happy to recommend the following 2 websites where you can get the best step by step information

  • Earth For Energy, where Michael Harvey has created a fully illustrated manual and video series, that was compiled with the complete novice in mind. This is the course I first put into practice, there’s also a bonus on harnessing wind power (my next project!!)
    Just Click Here to read more.
    Here’s what a satisfied solar panel diy enthusiast had to say about Earth For Energy

    Just Click Here to read more.

  • DIYPowerSystems, I’ve included this one because it takes you further than just making your own solar panels. It provides a complete energy saving package of 5 manuals from solar panels to eco-friendly houses.
    You can find out all the details by Clicking Here

So go ahead and start off building your residential solar panels and start saving your money and the planet…

I hope you’ll visit all the other posts and get a good understanding of how we can go green with solar panels and more. I’ll be updating regularly and hope to share my experiences with wind power soon.

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